Residence Life Staff & Volunteers

The critical difference for students living off campus versus those living in residence is the services that residence personnel provide. Housing and Residence Life Staff are committed to supporting students living in residence by creating a safe and healthy living and learning community that supports an academic lifestyle by meeting educational and social objectives. The staff also supports students by upholding policies and procedures of community standard.


Dons are senior student staff members who strive to create a community environment, help you find answers to your questions, and promote awareness of diversity and respect. Dons are empowered to make sure you meet your responsibilities when living in residence while protecting your rights as a resident. Dons will be highly accessible to you and others in your House.

Dons undergo extensive training enabling them to build and maintain a community atmosphere and ensure health and safety requirements are met. Dons are trained as peer advisors to help students with issues such as academic concerns, stress management and roommate conflict. In addition, you can count on your Don to provide First Aid and CPR should the need arise.

Don-on-Duty (DOD)
The Don-On-Duty (DOD) system provides an emergency contact overnight (6pm to 8am) and 24 hours on weekends (6pm Friday to 8am Monday). The DOD system allows your Don to have rotating evenings and weekends free. Please remember that Dons are also students; respect their need for personal time by making use of the Don-On-Duty system during the appropriate hours.
Night Porters
Night Porters are stationed at the main entrance to the building between the hours of 7pm and 1am. They are also student staff that assist residents with signing in guests and signing out equipment (vacuums, movies, games, etc.). They work closely with Security Watch Officials (SWOs) who play a key role in maintaining safety in residence. Night Porters are trained in First Aid & CPR and act as Emergency Response Wardens within their residence community.
Residence Life Project/Summer Assistants
The Residence Life Project Assistant (F/W term) and the Residence Life Summer Assistants (SU term) provide support with respect to a number of projects being undertaken in Residence Life. Reporting to the Residence Life Leadership Team, they will assist with the development, planning, and implementation of the Residence Life student staff training programs. The Residence Life Project/Summer Assistants support the Residence Life Leadership Team in maintaining the materials needed throughout the year for the building and student staff.
Residence Life Education Assistant
The Residence Life Education Assistant (RLEA) advances resident education. The RLEA supports programs and initiatives within the Residence Curriculum fostering student learning, development and engagement. The RLEA focuses on resident personal development but also supports community development and academic initiatives in residence as needed. The position assists the Residence Life Coordinator in administrative tasks related to implementing the Residence Curriculum.
Peer Review Board Members
Members of the Peer Review Board (PRB) work with Residence Life to hear conduct cases when there is a breach of Residence Community Standards. York University uses a restorative and educational approach to resolve non-academic student conduct, and the PRB serves as a non-biased student panel that strives for informal resolution and educational conversations with residence students. Hearings are conducted by two hired Student Chairs and at least 2 volunteers. Hearings are moderated by a Residence Life Coordinator. Members of the PRB are not required to live in residence; however, knowledge of the residence community is beneficial.
PRYSM Events Coordinator PRYSM Representative
Every academic year, York Residence Life hires a student living in undergraduate residence to be our PRYSM Events Coordinator! PRYSM is a group of residents at York University that come together to plan monthly events for LGBTTIQQ2SA individuals in residence. The group is made up of the chair and volunteers and is overseen by a professional staff member. Reporting to a Residence Life Coordinator, it is the responsibility of the PRYSM Events Coordinator to oversee the PRYSM program, chair regular meetings, liaise with all residence life staff, and lead PRYSM representatives from each residence council.
Residence Student Advisory Group Representatives
The Residence Student Advisory Group (RSAG) is a working group comprised of volunteer student representatives who provide advice and feedback to the University's Housing Services and Residence Life relating to the experience of residence students on the Keele and Glendon campuses. RSAG members are elected in their residence through a formal election process in the Fall. Successful candidates are expected to attend scheduled meetings at least once per semester, solicit feedback from their residence peers, and to act as positive role models within the community.
Emergency Response Wardens (ERWs)
Emergency Response Wardens (ERWs) are student volunteers trained to assist with evacuations of the residence when the emergency system is activated. They can be spotted wearing a brightly coloured safety vest. ERWs are also trained to ensure that Emergency Services staff is informed of any pertinent information they need to ensure everyone gets out safely.
Security Watch Officials (SWOs)
Security Watch Officials (SWOs) are York University Security staff that work in residence buildings. Their role includes monitoring exterior points of access to residence, conducting safety rounds of the building and responding to breaches of security. SWOs are on duty between 7:00pm and 7:00am every night and take over operations from Night Porters at the main entrance of a residence, including signing in guests.
Residence Life Coordinator

Residence Life Coordinator's are professional full-time University staff members living in residence dedicated to facilitating the day-to-day management of a specific building. The RLCs supervise Residence Life Staff (Dons, Night Porters, etc.) and coordinate programs in residence aimed to complement your academic experience. The RLCs are also responsible for addressing inappropriate conduct in residence and adjudicating complaints under the Code of Student Rights & Responsibilities.

Community Life Coordinator

The Community Life Coordinator is a professional full-time University staff member dedicated to providing the Tenants of the York Apartments support and conflict resolution when needed. The CLC supervises the Community Life Programming Assistant and coordinates programs in the York Apartments aimed to build community. The CLC is also responsible for addressing Tenant issues and adjudicating complaints under the Code of Student Rights & Responsibilities.

Community Life Programming Assistant
The Community Life Programming Assistant (CLPA) provides support with respect to programming and strategic projects being undertaken in Residence Life within the York Apartments.