Residence Life Staff & Volunteers

One of the most valuable aspects of living in residence is the wide array of Residence Life staff and volunteers available to support residents. Whether it’s our Community Engagement Committee volunteers, student staff such as our Dons, or our professional staff, we are committed to fostering a safe and healthy environment to enhance residents’ living and learning experience. Members of Residence Life support residents’ personal and academic success through community building and educational programming, upholding community standards, and providing one-on-one support to students’ experiencing various challenges or concerns.

House Dons

House Dons are upper-year student staff members living in residence who strive to create a welcoming community environment, help you navigate York University and the postsecondary experience, and ensure community standards are upheld in residence so that residents can flourish. House Dons are committed to supporting your growth and success at York and in residence, and are available to residents during the day and after hours.

As frontline support for residents, House Dons undergo comprehensive training each year to enable them to build and maintain each residence community experience, as well as support residents’ health and safety. As peer educators, House Dons are trained to help students navigate academic concerns, stress management, roommate conflict, and more!

Don on Duty

A Don in each building will provide Don-on-Duty (DOD) coverage every evening Monday through Thursday (6:00pm to 8:00am) and 24 hours on weekends (Friday at 6:00pm until Monday 8:00am). The DOD is the point of contact for student support each night, including but not limited to lockouts, noise complaints, mental health concerns, and emergencies. Residents are encouraged to reach out to the DOD in the evenings and on weekends when requiring immediate support, as the DOD system allows other Dons an opportunity to focus on their studies and personal wellbeing.

Community Engagement Dons
Community Engagement Dons (CED) are upper-year student staff members living in residence to foster a sense of community within their respective building. The Community Engagement Don initiates and chairs their building’s Community Engagement Committee comprised of volunteer members who represent the residence community; this Community Engagement Committee will implement events that foster community. Under the supervision of the Residence Life Coordinator, each Community Engagement Don is also responsible for planning and implementing elements of the Residence Curriculum.
Community Engagement Committee

Community Engagement Committee is an opportunity for residents to engage with and meet new people in their residence while planning and implementing events. Co-chaired by the Community Engagement Don and Building Representative, the Community Engagement Committee meets once a week to plan building-wide opportunities and events for connection. Members of the Community Engagement Committee will develop their event planning and leadership skills, as well as enhance their ability to engage in time management, organization, and collaboration.

Building Representative

One Building Representative from each building is elected annually from the Community Engagement Committee to serve on the Residence Student Advisory Group (RSAG). Building Representatives co-chair their respective building’s Community Engagement Committee and, through their role on RSAG, act as advocates for their communities when advising the Housing Services and Residence Life management teams.

Residence Services Assistants
Residence Services Assistants are stationed at the main entrance to the building between the hours of 7pm and 12am (Founders, Pond, Stong, Vanier, Winters) or 4pm and 12am (Bethune, Tatham). They are also student staff that assist residents with signing in guests and signing out equipment (vacuums, movies, games, etc.). They work closely with Security Watch Officials (SWOs) who play a key role in maintaining safety in residence. Residence Services Assistants are trained in First Aid & CPR and act as Emergency Response Wardens within their residence community.
Living Learning Community Leaders
Living Learning Community Leaders are work-study students living in residence to support the implementation of the Living Learning Communities. Living Learning Community Leaders facilitate educational programming, engaging in intentional conversations with Living Learning Community members, and host weekly drop-in hours.
Residence Life Coordinators
Residence Life Coordinators (RLC) are professional full-time University staff members living in residence dedicated to facilitating the day-to-day management of a specific building. The RLCs supervise Residence Life Staff (Dons, Residence Services Assistants, etc.) and coordinate programs in residence aimed to complement your academic experience. The RLCs are also responsible for addressing inappropriate conduct in residence and adjudicating complaints under the Code of Student Rights & Responsibilities.
Residence Life Managers
The Residence Life Managers (RLM) are professional full-time University staff who directly supervise the Residence Life Coordinators. RLMs provide strategic guidance for the Residence Life program and support the RLCs in ensuring resident needs and concerns are addressed.
Assistant Director, Residence Life
The Assistant Director, Residence Life is a professional full-time University staff member who oversees the Residence Life department. The Assistant Director provides leadership for Residence Life policies, procedures, and supports for the betterment of the residence population.
Security Watch Officials
Security Watch Officials (SWOs) are York University Security staff that work in residence buildings. Their role includes monitoring exterior points of access to residence, conducting safety rounds of the building and responding to breaches of security. SWOs are on duty between 7:00pm and 7:00am every night and take over operations from Residence Services Assistants at the main entrance of a residence, including signing in guests.

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Get involved!

Interested in getting involved in Residence Life through a volunteer or student staff position? Check out our Work & Volunteer page to learn more!