The Residence Experience

Living in residence is more than merely having a place to sleep at night! Residence Life provides a variety of social and educational opportunities to help residents build community, learn valuable skills, and grow as individuals to achieve success at York University and beyond. York residents will engage in transformative experiences that foster empathy, compassion, belonging, and a commitment to the enrichment of their communities and one another. This is achieved through building-wide active programs, house/floor meetings, community builders, Community Engagement Committee programming, Spirit Cup, and intentional learning conversations between Dons and students.

Residence Curriculum Framework

York University’s Residence Life Team uses a curricular approach to support student learning and development in residence. All our programs, events, and initiatives in residence are designed to support residents and ensure you have an opportunity to learn and grow outside the classroom. Read More

Residence Life Staff & Volunteers

Our Residence Life Staff support residents’ personal and academic success through community building and educational programming, upholding community standards, and providing one-on-one support to students experiencing various challenges or concerns. Rest assured there will be people here to help you transition into university and living away from home. Read More

Living With Others

When living with others, there are times when you may have a different perspective or preference for how to live together; it is a natural experience when people come together to live in a community. One of the benefits of living in residence is developing the skills to navigate conflict and different living styles with compassion and empathy. Read More

Residence Student Advisory Group

The Residence Student Advisory Group (RSAG) is a group of elected student representatives who provide advice and feedback to the University's Housing Services and Residence Life management teams relating to the experience of residence students. Read More

Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are a great opportunity for students to connect with students who share similar interests. They are themed communities that complement residents’ academic learning within the community they live in. Read More