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The Residence Life Staff are committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your student during their time in residence. For more information on our position specific roles visit our Residence Life Staff page.

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Eligibility and College Affiliations 

To live in residence your student must be enrolled as a full time student (at least 18 credits), or be registered with Disability Services if academic accommodations are required.

Depending on your student’s program, they will become affiliated with one of 8 colleges on campus, all of which have a corresponding residence building. It is not mandatory for students to live in their affiliated college’s residence. Your student may choose to live in any of the available residences on campus which suit their needs, and often enjoy living in buildings where they interact and meet students from other programs. For a full list of college and program affiliations, click here:

Housing Services

Residence Life collaborates with Housing Services on campus. Housing Services are responsible for student room placements, affiliated fees, and maintenance and facilities management for residence buildings. For more residence specific information visit the Undergraduate Student Housing Information Page.

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On-Campus Support and Resources

York Lanes

York Lanes is in the heart of campus near the York Commons. It contains many eateries, a pharmacy, doctor and dental office, optometrist and much more. To see what resources York Lanes has to offer click here:

York Federation of Students (YFS) Health & Dental Plan

The York Federation of Students office offers a Student Drug and Dental Plan which covers up to 80% on prescription drugs and up to $500 on dental. Visit the YFS Health & Dental Plan page for more information.

Other Services

Moving into residence will be a new and exciting experience for both you and your student. On top of balancing their schoolwork they will also need to balance meeting deadlines, doing laundry, cleaning up, eating well, making time for friends and keeping up with residence activities. During this time your student will begin to develop a stronger sense of independence. While each student adjusts to this change in different ways, your role is to assist in making their transition as smooth as possible, while allowing them the opportunity to grow.

Supporting Your Student Before Moving In

Developing a Sense of Independence
Allow your student to be as involved as possible with the pre-university preparations. Ask them to read over residence policies and procedures, important dates, Move In information etc. Your student is responsible for becoming familiar with this information and allowing them to do so will facilitate and foster their independence. Throughout the year the Residence Life Team will remind them of any important dates.

Move-In Day
Move-in Day can be both exciting and stressful for your student and they will experience a whirlwind of emotions. It can be a bittersweet day for families as well. Even the most well-prepared students may still be unsure as to what to expect once they have settled in. Prior to Move-in Day, create a plan of action with your student. Be sure to discuss with your student what the day will entail, when you are leaving etc. and assure them that if something does not go according to plan everything will be alright. Encourage them to get involved in Orientation Week events. For Move-In Dates, Procedures and Tips on What to Bring check out the Housing website. 

Supporting Your Student During the Year

The Student Life Cycle
The Student Cycle identifies important parts of the year where most students encounter changes in mood and stress. Your student may experience homesickness after Thanksgiving or the Holiday break and will be more stressed during midterms in October/February or final exams in December/April. During these times your student may turn to you for encouragement and motivation. Be sure to take the time to talk with your student offering moral support and assuring them that you are there to listen.

Staying in Touch
There are several ways for parents and families to stay in touch with their students living in residence. Remember that your student is balancing a busy lifestyle and may have changes in communication patterns. It is often a good idea to arrange with students when and how often you will communicate as they adjust to their busy schedules. 

What you can do for your students in residence:

  • Stay in touch via phone, text, social media or email
  • Keep them in the loop with family and community news (i.e. sending them pictures, etc.)
  • Send them surprise gifts (i.e. care kits)
  • Make a trip to visit them if possible
  • Show interest in the activities and events in and out of Residence that they are excited or involved in


Adjusting to Changes in Communication
As the year progresses it is normal for students to move more towards becoming independent. Your student may not communicate with you as often as they used to, and may become more confident with making their own decisions things pertaining to their social lives, academics, etc. During this time offer your support and guidance but allow them the chance to make their own decisions. Sometimes parents and families may not hear from their students for a period, almost always because they are busy with their studies and keeping up with their busy lives. If you are having trouble connecting with your student and are concerned, please contact Security Services (416-650-8000) and they can assist in contacting your student to have them contact you. Due to confidentiality reasons, Residence Life Staff are not able to disclose any information about the whereabouts of your student, regardless of age.

Learning to Live as an Adult
Within residence, the Residence Life Staff treat all students like adults, giving them the freedom to make their own decisions and take responsibility for their actions. Throughout the year, your student will learn important skills pertaining to living alone and as they continue to grow and mature, will develop the confidence to make their own decisions. If your student discloses to you about a frustrating situation with a roommate or neighbor, or a problem within residence, encourage them to speak with their Don or Residence Life Coordinator. These staff are trained in effective conflict mediation and make it their goal to ensure that your student is as comfortable as possible in residence. Due to confidentiality restrictions, Residence Life Staff are unable to disclose information about situations involving your student, and often will encourage your student to deal with the situation directly. This serves as a valuable learning experience for your student and they will be able to gain the skills required for living in a communal environment.

Resources Off Campus

There are many resources located within the vicinity of the York University Keele Campus, all of which can be easily accessed by public transit which passes directly through York University’s campus. TTC operates from the York University and Pioneer Village Subway stops, VIVA (York Regional Transit) operates from the Pioneer Village stop and ZUM (Brampton Transit) operate from a separate bus terminal on the North Eastern Side of Campus by Winters Residence.

Click here for Local Resources

200 Interchange Way Vaughan, ON L4K
Find Ikea on Google Maps

101 Edgeley Blvd Concord, ON L4K 4Z4
Find Walmart on Google Maps

Real Canadian Superstore
51 Gerry Fitzgerald Dr Toronto, ON M3J 3N4
Find Walmart on Google Maps

Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre
1 Bass Pro Mills Drive Vaughan, ON L4K 5W4
Find Vaughan Mills on Google Maps

No Frills
1 York Gate Blvd North York, ON M3N 3A1
Find No Frills on Google Maps

Yorkdale Shopping Center
3401 Dufferin Street Toronto, ON M6A 2T9
Find Yorkdale on Google Maps

North York Driver & Vehicle License Issuing Office
1150 Sheppard Ave W North York, ON M3K 2B5
Find North York Driver & Vehicle License Issuing Office on Google Maps

Service Ontario
1170 Sheppard Ave W Toronto, ON M3K 2A3
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Emergencies in Residence: For life threatening situations call 911 then York U Security at (416)-736-5333. For urgent safety & security matters contact Security at (416) 736-5333.

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North York General Hospital 4001 Leslie St, Toronto, ON M2K 1E1 (416) 756-6000 Find North York General on Google
Humber River Hospital (Finch) 2111 Finch Ave. West, Toronto, ON Find Humber River on Google
Humber River Regional Hospital (Church) 200 Church St, Toronto, ON M9N 1N8 (416) 249-8111 Find Humber River Regional on Google