Welcome to Residence Life at York University

Living in residence is an incredible opportunity to connect with other students, develop friendships, learn and get the most out of your university experience. Residence living fosters academic success, engagement and personal development. The residence experience is about community, learning about yourself and others, and growing from new experiences. Our Residence Life staff look forward to getting to know you. They provide support, guidance, and various social and educational activities that contribute to a memorable and rewarding residence experience.

We encourage you to take an active role in shaping your experience. Get acquainted with your home away from home including the staff working within it and fellow residents sharing this journey with you. Participate, contribute positively to the community, respect others, and step outside of your comfort zone. Reach out if you need assistance. Become involved in one of the many residence leadership opportunities available to you.

We hope that residence will be the perfect place to start and end each day as you pursue your academic endeavors and that you’ll agree that residence is more than just a room!