York Apartments (Assiniboine, Atkinson, & Passy)

There are six mature undergraduate and graduate apartment buildings on the Keele campus. Each building offers bachelor, 1 bedroom, and 2 bedroom apartments and more information on the apartments can be found here. In terms of community life, the York Apartments (YAs) provides students with an opportunity to be fully independent but still have access to community events, supports, and resources.

The Student Experience in the York Apartments

The YAs provide tenants an opportunity to live on-campus and benefit from the resources and support that is offered through Residence Life but maintain and live an independent lifestyle offered through apartment living. By choosing to live in the YAs, you will have social opportunities and events offered on a monthly basis and access to additional information and educational resources that will serve you well during your time at York and beyond.

A Welcome from your Community Life Coordinator

My name is Mitch Burnie and I am the Community Life Coordinator (CLC) for the York Apartments (YAs).  I first want to welcome you to the community here at the York Apartments.  I hope that while you are living here you will grow to call the YAs your home.  As you progress through your education it is important that you have a space that supports your academics but also provides you the freedom to live an independent lifestyle. As the CLC I hope to support and enhance your experience outside of the classroom and provide you opportunities and resources that allow you to succeed.  I will also act as direct and indirect support if you as a tenant are experiencing any issue or crisis that impacts your well-being and ability to perform as a student. Finally, I hope that you find your time here in the YAs to be a rewarding experience that helps you realize your true potential as a student.


Mitch Burnie

Community Life Coordinator (CLC)

York Apartments (Assiniboine, Passy, and Atkinson)


416.736.2100 x. 44051