Undergraduate Residence Occupancy Agreement

***Please note that this section is currently under review for the 2017-2018 academic year.***

Your Undergraduate Residence Terms and Conditions outlines items which you should be aware to ensure that you are not surprised by rental terms, eviction, re-application criteria and move out procedures. For further details, please refer to the Undergraduate Residence Occupancy Agreement.

  • Move-Out Procedures
  • If you have no scheduled exams, you are required to move out 24 hours after your final Winter term class. In other cases, you are required to move out 24 hours after your final written exam, more details will be communicated prior to each Fall/Winter term exam period.

    Take your belongings with you

    When moving out, be sure to take all your belongings with you. Housing will not safeguard or store personal belongings. Items left in vacated rooms are treated as abandoned.

    Lock your door after you have vacated the room.

    Remember to return your keys to Housing upon moving out to avoid the costs of key replacement or pricey charges for a lock change. Be sure to lock your door after you have vacated the room.

    Redirect your mail

    Remember to redirect your mail – the University will not forward mail after you move out.  You can do this by changing your address with any person/company you have provided it to as well as through Canada Post.  For more information: https://www.canadapost.ca/web/en/products/details.page?article=forward_your_mail_wh

    Leave your room in good condition

    Avoid unnecessary Housing fines! Don’t paint or make any physical alterations to your room/suite. You must leave your room and furnishings in the same condition in which you found it when you moved in. Housing will charge you for the cost of any required patching, repainting, repairs, cleaning services and missing items according to the room condition and inventory report which you signed at move in. Be sure to return room furniture to its original position and remove all your personal belongings. You can expect to pay for missing furniture, damages or cleaning services if the room isn’t returned to move in condition.

  • Eviction
  • The privilege of living in residence is lost if you don’t maintain academic, behavioural or financial standards as defined in the Undergraduate Residence Terms and Conditions and the Residence Handbook. Failure to meet these standards could result in your removal from residence or prevent you from returning to residence in the future.

    Residents may also be evicted if they don’t comply with Residence Community Standards and the Code of Student Rights & Responsibilities. Evicted students are banned from visiting the residence and may be banned from entering any other residence for the duration of the academic year and cannot reapply to live in York University Residence.

  • Fines & Charges
  • In addition to the rights and responsibilities outlined in the Code of Student Rights & Responsibilities and in this Handbook, residents are obliged to follow the Undergraduate Residence Occupancy Agreement. Every resident is responsible for reading, understanding and adhering to the Undergraduate Residence Terms and Conditions, the Residence Handbook and the Code of Student Rights & Responsibilities.

    Residence Life and Housing staff have the authority to discipline all residents and non-York University students in residence which may result in restrictions, fines, penalties or eviction. The Housing Office sets most replacement and repair fees according to time and materials; cleaning fines are set according to sanctions that are deemed necessary by Housing and Residence Life Staff. All fees and fines that are Housing related will be charged to your student account.

  • Room Transfers
  • Residents who are having difficulty with their room or building assignment must discuss and try to resolve their issue through Residence Life Staff. Transfers will only occur as a final resolution after the issue has been mediated by Residence Life Staff or a member of the Peer Support Team through the office of Student Conduct and Dispute Resolution. Room transfers must be agreed upon by RLC and Housing Services.


    Breaches of the Undergraduate Residence Occupancy Agreement

    The table below outlines possible sanctions for breaches of the Undergraduate Residence Occupancy Agreement

    Residence Security Residence doors are always locked and residents are prohibited from propping open exterior doors. Residents are responsible for taking reasonable personal precautions and reporting suspicious activity to Security. Residents are required to comply with Security Service’s emergency guidelines and instructions. A complaint is filed under the Code of Student Rights & Responsibilities.
    Key Replacement Residents will notify Security and Housing if their keys are stolen or lost. Residents are responsible for all costs for replacement keys and lock changes (i.e. keys: lost, stolen, not returned; eviction, withdrawal). Fines, Lock Change Fees
    Room/Common Room  Damages Residents are not permitted to paint or make physical alterations (nail holes) to the space or to remove or relocate residence furnishings. Residents are responsible for paying for damages, cleaning and replacement charges to return bedrooms and common rooms to their original condition. Fines, Repair, Replacement and Cleaning Fees
    Cleaning Residents will participate in waste management and recycling programs. They will be responsible for cleaning and maintaining the health and safety of their own room and common areas and facilities. Fines, Cleaning Fees
    Pets & Animals No pets or animals of any kind are permitted to visit or reside in Residence. Special arrangements can be made for service animals. Fine, Cleaning Fees, A complaint is filed under the Code of Student Rights &  Responsibilities.