Procrastination 101

How to Stop Procrastinating

Step 1) Admit that you are procrastinating

  • If you have an assignment due, and you are scrolling through social media on your phone, admit that you are wasting your time. Say it out loud, or say it to a friend!

Step 2) Manage distractions

  • Turn your phone on silent, and turn off any website that doesn’t have to do with your homework on your laptop. If it helps, turn the WiFi off on your phone and laptop until you’re done your work. Make sure your study area is clean and organized as well!

Step 3) Make a Study Schedule

  • Set aside specific times to do work for specific classes. Set aside 3 hours of time and split it up – 1 hour for your readings, and 2 hours to work on an assignment. Chances are, if you work according to the schedule you’ll be done in less time, and then you can use that time to work towards assignments due in the coming weeks! You’ll thank yourself later.

Step 4) Get a change of scenery to do work

  • When working in your room, it’s easy to get distracted by all of your belongings, or it is very easy to give in and take a long nap break. Try to set aside two or three hours, pack up your school books and go to a nearby coffee shop or the library to get some work done. It’s also good to have a different place to do your studying, that way when you come home you can focus on relaxing!

Step 5) Study with Friends

  • Get a group of friends and tell them that you’re procrastinating and you really need to get work done. Rent out a study room in the Scott Library, or get together in your common room. They can help you remain on task, and also it’s a good time for you and your friends to hang out in the midst of a busy school season.

Step 6) Ask yourself why you’re Procrastinating

  • If after doing all these steps you still find yourself aching to do all of your work, ask yourself why you’re having a difficult time doing your assignments in the first place. Do you understand the material? Is it too difficult? Do you get nervous about writing essays? If this is the case, make sure to use resources such as the Writing Centre, or message your TA, or use your Professors Office Hours to get a better understanding of the material.