Community Life Coordinator

A Welcome from your Community Life Coordinator

My name is Mitch Burnie and I am the Community Life Coordinator (CLC) for the York Apartments (YAs).  I first want to welcome you to the community here at the York Apartments.  I hope that while you are living here you will grow to call the YAs your home.  As you progress through your education it is important that you have a space that supports your academics but also provides you the freedom to live an independent lifestyle. As the CLC, I hope to support and enhance your experience outside of the classroom and provide you opportunities and resources that allow you to succeed.  I will also act as direct and indirect support if you as a tenant are experiencing any issue or crisis that impacts your well-being and ability to perform as a student. Finally, I hope that you find your time here in the YAs to be a rewarding experience that helps you realize your true potential as a student.



Mitch Burnie

Community Life Coordinator (CLC)

York Apartments (Assiniboine, Passy, and Atkinson)

416.736.2100 x. 44051