Applying to be a Don

Step 1) Do your research!

  • For any job, make sure to research the position as much as possible. Talk to your dons, and ask them what advice they can give you.Make sure you know what the position is as well, being a Don is not an easy feat! Make sure to watch the video on the application as well.

Step 2) Look over the application, one or two times!

  • Go through the application, and take down the questions so you can have time to think of your answers. Take time to go over them, you want to make sure to be as concise as possible – you don’t have much room!

Step 3) Fix up your resume and cover letter

  • The career centre is a great place to hit up if you are feeling a little medium about your resume. As well, once you’ve finished, get a friend to look over your resume and to catch any grammar or spelling errors you may have missed!

Step 4) Answering the questions

  • Be as honest as possible. For any job, you want to be honest in an application. Also, make sure to outline what you’re trying to say. Think of each answer as a mini-essay. Take your time and go over it multiple times, then get your friends to go over it too, spelling and grammar errors are easy to miss!

Step 5) Submit your application!

  • Don’t be discouraged if you are not selected for an interview. There are sometimes over 200 applicants for around 25-30 spots! Apply to be a porter for next year, or talk to your Don LLO about getting involved in Residence Council. There is always a space somewhere in Residence for leadership!

Step 6) The Interview

  • If you have been selected for the interview, congratulations! The interview will be made up of two parts: a personal interview, and a carousel.
  • Personal Interview:
    • The personal interview will be with two Residence Life Coordinator’s that will not have a bias towards you (typically not the one for the Residence you live in). To prepare, look up some basic interview questions prior and have a bit of an idea of what you want to talk about. Most interviews are behavioral based, so have some stories or situations that you can have ready to go to answer. Don’t be nervous! The RLC’s are super kind, and they want you to do your best!
    • The Carousel is a group interview that lasts around 3-4 hours. You’ll be in different scenarios, and the RLC’s will be overviewing to see how you work in a team setting. There will be different situations to correspond and to play to peoples strengths. If you’re introverted, don’t be nervous about being around so many people. Just be yourself, and show your team work skills!
  • The Selection Process
    • As you may see in your building, a lot of Dons have a ton of different skills and strengths. Don’t be discouraged again if you are not selected for a Don position this year. Apply to be a porter, and get involved and try again the following year!