Educational Programs

The residence experience at York University is comprised of useful educational programs for residents. These programs focus on and address the broad development in areas of student life and introduce residents to new perspectives, ideas and information that are helpful in being connected community members.

Bulletin Boards

Educational Bulletin Boards address areas of a residence student development cycle. Some topics include:

  • Transitioning to University
  • Campus Resources
  • Healthy Living
  • Achieving Academic Success
  • Dealing with Stress

Residence Portfolio Programming

Implemented by Don teams in each residence and reflect areas of Life Skills, Diversity and Social Justice and Global Citizenship. Each portfolio will appear once per semester and is created and implemented in connection with Lizzio’s Five Senses and ACUHO‐I Standards.

Life SkillsDiversity & Social JusticeGlobal Citizenship

The Life Skills Portfolio provides students with learning opportunities and resources in areas that are focused on their personal development and success as students, and residents. Students will develop skills and attributes that will lead to self‐advocacy, resiliency, and greater independence while learning to live in shared community environments. Other skills taught in this portfolio include learning how to be successful as university students by being organized and managing their time effectively, learning basic laundry skills and understanding cooking safety and respectful use of common cooking spaces.

The Diversity and Social Justice Portfolio engages students in current diversity and social justice issues.  These events provide students with a safe space in which they can learn how to be an active, inclusive member of the community and develop a respectful understanding of different values and norms.

The Global Citizenship Portfolio introduces students to current topics in global issues and promote participation in the development of knowledge and skills related to being a responsible citizen. This includes being an active member of the local and/or global community and ways to contribute as a positive citizen.

Goal Setting

Goal setting helps reinforce the positive influence that goals have on our daily lives.  Goal setting for First Year Residents and for Returning residents will help reinforce what students are learning about their experience in residence and at York University and apply that to setting goals for their lives.