Community Building

A core component to life in residence is the sense of community.  Community building events encourage residents to exercise responsibility for their community and orient them to services, facilities, staff members and staff responsibilities. This sense of connectedness enhances student-student and student-staff relationships and contributes to feelings of pride and comfort within students.

House Meetings
Mandatory monthly House Meetings are held by residence Dons which offers a platform for members of the same residence house to learn about programming and policies, discuss relevant topics and come together as a community. House meetings allow residents to interact and catch up with members of the community and their Don in a comfortable environment.
Residence Council
Residence Council is an opportunity for residents to engage with and meet new people in your residence while planning and implementing events. Run by the Don of Leadership and Learning Opportunities (DonLLO), Residence Council meets once a week to plan monthly building wide events. Being a member of Residence Council has a lot of benefits in that the student volunteers will develop their event planning and leadership skills along with their time management skills, organizational abilities, and gain strategies to successfully work as a team. These skills are useful to succeed at York and into your career! Members of the Residence Council can also gain recognition for their efforts through York University’s Co-Curricular Record.
The Residence Spirit Cup

The Residence Spirit Cup increases and fosters both residence-specific pride and campus-wide pride through friendly competition. Each Keele residence participates in a variety of events throughout the school year to earn points. Through participation and specific activities, Residence Life will calculate points at each event and award a Spirit Cup winner at the end of Winter semester.

The Residence Spirit Cup is done in collaboration with key campus partners and organizations such as Athletics and Recreation.