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Real Canandian Superstore Grocery Shuttle Bus

Real Canandian Superstore Shuttle Bus Poster

Residence Life is pleased share that the Real Canadian Superstore will provide a shuttle bus to and from campus.

The shuttle will run Tuesday's, beginning September 12th, from 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. and pick up in order at the following locations:

6:00 PM: Winters Residence Loop (Vanier, Tatham, Winters)

6:10 PM: Calumet loop (Calumet, Bethune, Stong)

6:15 PM: Atkinson College Parking lot (Pond, Atkinson, Passy, the Assiniboines)

Move In Day: Parents offer their advice

York U Residence Move-In Day: Parents offer advice to their sons and daughters as they move them into the residences at York U to begin the new academic year. #WelcomeYU

April Move Out Information

Please check your email for an important message from Housing Services with complete move-out information. 

The deadline to request an exam period extension has passed.  Please contact Housing Services or your RLC if you have any questions.




Follow the SMART module to help you make your 2017 New Year’s Resolution Goals happen!


Applying to be a Don

Step 1) Do your research!

  • For any job, make sure to research the position as much as possible. Talk to your dons, and ask them what advice they can give you.Make sure you know what the position is as well, being a Don is not an easy feat! Make sure to watch the video on the application as well.

Step 2) Look over the application, one or two times!

How to eat Healthy on Campus

So, you’ve heard the rumors of the freshmen 15. “That won’t happen to me!” you say as you indulge in your third slice of cake from Second Cup you received this week.  Did you know that it IS possible to stay healthy on campus, even with a meal plan? Check out a few of these tips!

Red and White Day

What to Expect in Residence

Procrastination 101

How to Stop Procrastinating

Step 1) Admit that you are procrastinating

  • If you have an assignment due, and you are scrolling through social media on your phone, admit that you are wasting your time. Say it out loud, or say it to a friend!

Step 2) Manage distractions

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