Transition Programming

In aligning with the Division of Students’ Strategic Priorities with an emphasis on the First Year Experience, Residence Life has developed a framework to support the transition and year-long growth of first-year students in residence. This framework is grounded in standards provided by the Association of College and University Housing Officials- International (ACUHO-I) as well as the Five Senses of Successful Transition by Dr. Alf Lizzio. The First Year Experience program allows students opportunities for personal growth and development by participating in experiences reflecting the Five Senses outlined by Dr. Lizzio: connectedness, capability, purpose, resourcefulness and culture. The First 8 Weeks program provides students with a holistic transition into residence by allowing for opportunities to develop personally within a community while fostering a sense of community, campus pride and responsibility. In these events, residents will experience access to academic experiences, services in residence and opportunities to appreciate new ideas, cultural differences and perspectives. Programs include:


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Get to Know Your Don

At some point within the first few weeks, the Dons within your residence will run a Get to Know Your Don event which will allow residents to get to know the Don team.  

We Are YU Wednesday's

Join the Residence Life and Student Success Centre staff in wearing York or Red and White clothing on Wednesday's to help demonstrate York pride. Talk to your Don for more details.

Life Skills

Throughout the first 8 weeks, the Residence Life staff within your residence will host events that will help to provide life skills to ensure you can live an independent lifestyle while in residence.  For more information, please speak with your Don.

Roommate Rendezvous

Many residents live with one or more roommates.  It is important to make sure that the lines of communication are open and that roommates are on the same page to help minimize any issues that could arise.  At some point during the first 8 weeks, the Residence Life staff within your building will host a Roommate Renezvous event which will provide resources and an activity that will help ensure a positive living environment for all parties. 

Safety Week

Safety in residence is extremely important to ensure that students are comfortable and can focus on their academics.  York hosts a Safety week early in the Fall semester to highlihgt the resources available on campus and ensure students are aware of the various tactics they can employ to ensure their safety.  For more information, please speak with your Don.

Learning Skills

There are a variety of academic resources throughout campus.  Residence Life staff will plan an event at some point within the first 8 weeks of the academic year to highlight resources so residents can gain skills to help them succeed academically.