Real Canandian Superstore Grocery Shuttle Bus

Real Canandian Superstore Shuttle Bus Poster

Residence Life is pleased share that the Real Canadian Superstore will provide a shuttle bus to and from campus.

The shuttle will run Tuesday's, beginning September 12th, from 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. and pick up in order at the following locations:

6:00 PM: Winters Residence Loop (Vanier, Tatham, Winters)

6:10 PM: Calumet loop (Calumet, Bethune, Stong)

6:15 PM: Atkinson College Parking lot (Pond, Atkinson, Passy, the Assiniboines)

The bus will run in continuous loop with the final bus leaving the Superstore at approximately 8:30 PM and dropping off at each stop.  Stop times after the first pick up will vary depending on traffic.

Notable Dates

Last date in December will be December 19th   

Start up in January will be January 9th   

It will not run on Tuesday, February 20th as it is the Tuesday of reading week   

The last day the shuttle will run is April 17th