Summer Residence

***Please note that this section is currently under review for the 2017-2018 academic year.***

Laws, Rules and Regulations

You and your guests are responsible for complying with all federal, provincial and municipal laws, policies, procedures, rules and regulations as outlined in the Residence Handbook. Non-compliance is subject to disciplinary action, which includes but is not limited to your removal from residence. All Residence Community Standards and Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities will apply throughout the summer except for the guest policy.

Summer Residence Guest Policy

Overnight Guests: You are permitted to have one overnight guest per night. If there are extenuating circumstances, a request for additional guests can be made to the Residence Life Coordinator. Where such circumstances are approved, you will be required to provide the name(s) of overnight visitors. Other guest policies as outlined in the Residence Handbook apply.

Liability for Guests: You are liable for the behaviour and actions of your guests at all times when on the University’s premises. All guests of the residence must abide by the policies outlined in the Residence Handbook.